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Reminder of the importance of picking students up on time daily; we have had several lately whom have become visibly upset (tears) thinking they had been forgotten.  We, of course, assure students this is not the case . . . your support in avoiding this is appreciated by us, but more importantly – the children. 


Again, it is important that you are not leaving your car unattended in yellow curb areas.  While parking is admittedly in short supply, it does not help the flow of traffic when a decision to park a car along the yellow curb is made.  Please be respectful and considerate to one another, and I promise we will all benefit. 


Welcome back from winter break.  While staff enjoyed some down time, we are thrilled to be with our students once again.  You send us an amazing group of children each day and we thank you for that. Monday our teachers participated in professional development with a focus on Schoology, a learning management system, and our writing curriculum, Lucy Calkins.  We continue to learn and be excited about our improvement in curriculum delivery to students. Timber Point now has an interventionist, Jonnie Silman, whom will add value to our current RtI/literacy groups.  Among her responsibilities are identifying students at risk of not meeting grade level learning outcomes and serving as a resource to classroom teachers in regards to curriculum, student grouping and goal setting.  Additionally, she will evaluate our intervention program to identify needs, communicate those needs to the principal and work with staff to plan changes moving forward as we improve our intervention model and our support of student learning. 

Welcome Jonnie Silman’s 2nd grade replacement, Lisa McBride.  She joins us as an experienced teacher from Antioch Unified School District; we are excited to have her join our staff.


Tom Jones, principal 




Congratulations to the 2016-2017 spelling bee winners!

1st place- Anaya T.

2nd place- Elliot L.


Superintendent Coffee

Friday, March 3


Byron District Office Board Room







Please call in all absences to the attendance line.


Any student being signed out early MUST exit through the office (this includes early release Wednesday). Parents must meet student in the office to be released. The office cannot call a student out of class until the parent/guardian are present. Thank you for your cooperation.


ALL Visitor/Volunteers MUST go through the office to sign in and get a sticker before entering the campus.

Effective January 1, 2015, the Byron Union School District Board of Trustees will begin implementing board policies:  AR1240, CF 4212.5, CF. 3515.5, (Ed code 45106, 45347, 45349, 49406), policy on the requirements for our parent volunteers and parent drivers.


All classroom volunteers, and all drivers and chaperones on field trips will now have to have fingerprint clearance as well as a current Tuberculosis (TB) test.  

If you have had a TB test within the last 4 years and can provide the negative reading, you may use these results. If you have a fingerprint clearance through our district, you do not have to re-submit one, but if you have had a clearance through another agency, it is not transferable and will need to be done again.


A quick update regarding our policy on volunteers and visitors. All volunteers must be fingerprinted and TB tested in order to work on the Timber Point campus. Visitors, however, do not require fingerprint clearance and TB testing. It is then important to distinguish the difference between the two, which is probably most efficiently done by stating visitors on campus are here to observe a performance of some sort or have lunch with their child. There are also times when our gates are open indicating an open campus allowing visitors access to an activity such as Brown Bag Lunch or Fun Run. Classroom feasts or parties are not considered performances or open campus activities and so your presence is classified as a volunteer – this then requires fingerprint clearance and TB test. In conclusion, the staff at Timber Point and all our students love having volunteers and visitors – hope to see you all throughout the school year. 


                                                         Start School  8:35


 9:50 - 10:05     Recess: K- 3rd       10:05 - 10:20   Recess: 4th & 5th 

 11:40 - 12:15   Lunch: K & 1st        12:00 - 12:35   Lunch: 2nd & 3rd 
 12:35 - 1:10     Lunch: 4th & 5th                      
 12:05   Dismissal: Preschool SAI 
 2:00     Dismissal: Kindergarten 
 2:37     Dismissal: 1st - 3rd 
 3:23     Dismissal: 4th & 5th 


Wednesday Early Release

12:45pm- K-3rd

1:15pm- 4th-5th


Timber Point has a goal of 97% monthly school attendance. Thank you parents for making sure every school day counts!

August: 97%

September: 97%

October: 97%

November: 96%

December: 95%